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Immunological Prescriptions


If you accept this premise that giant corporate bodies are now the biggest threat to planetary peace, health and democracy, we face a formidable challenge, but a greatly clarified task.

To radically downsize them over the next ten years, evict them from power and melt them back to healthy scale will require concerted action of many kinds as well as many types of talents. This is exactly how our immune systems dissolve many tumors and they have a lot to teach us now.

Like the Occupation movement, one of the most attractive features of immune defenses is that they run quite effectively without formal leaders or hierarchies. Once the dendritic cells, the investigative journalists of the immune world, identify and publicize a threat, many other types of immune cells rally to subdue it using many different skills.

The biological success of this model implies, of course. that activists don't need hierarchies either and that our fractious egalitarian diversity (which oft bedevils our own organizatonal meetings and occupation site politics) may be our greatest long-term strength.


Consider the range of talents we can and shall marshal against malignant corporate growth.

  • Academic - researching living system pathologies; corporate/human competitive evolution; and the fastest, safest, most creative ways to shrink Big Bodies down.
  • Artistic - exposing the addictive delusions of the Big Body matrix, illustrating its harms & vulnerabilities and reconnecting folks to the grounding energies of their bodies and the earth.
  • Direct Action - resisting Big Bodies' expropriations, depredations and eco-social crimes.
  • Educational - liberating empty evening schoolrooms across the nation for students and citizens to jointly study and co-create post-corporate remedies for local, regional and global ills.
  • Electoral - strengthening anti-Big activists with public office and policy-making power.
  • Familial - supporting local farms, firms and organizations that create sustainable livelihoods; nurture convivial communities; and respect the environment.
  • Financial - shifting savings and capital away from Big Body accounts to credit unions, small businesses and community-strengthening investments.
  • Journalistic - focusing public attention on the systemic harms of Big Body hegemony and the countless ways they collude to extort our wealth, obstruct our growth and rape the Third World and the Earth.
  • Legal - challenging corporate supremacy at every level of governance and repudiating their right to subvert our democratic rights or dictate any rules.
  • Legislative - reconfiguring corporate DNA by rewriting their charters to delimit their size, powers and opacity and only conferring limited liability on those with multi-stakeholder boards.
  • Pedagogical - helping schools at all levels organize classes around real-world crises and harnessing youth's imagination and intelligence to solve real problems, not just pass tests.
  • Scientific - developing more open-source solutions to critical eco-social problems and new democracy-enhancing technologies that redistribute power and decentralize control.
  • Spiritual - channeling attention inward and initiating collective experiences of our ancient interdependence, latent powers and sacred unity with the living world.
  • Tricksteresque - monkey wrenching; Rev. Billy/Yes-Man-impersonating; WikiLeaking and otherwise creatively disrupting corporate assaults on the poor, the peace and the planet.

In summary, we offer a unified goal and diversity of roles for all Occupationistas, libertarians and other immuno-activists: Don't eat the rich, just belittle the tumorous bulk of their corporate bodies, doing whatever you're good at and doing whatever it takes. It will radically diminish the 1%'s powers, harms and deadening distance from our world as well as empower ordinary citizens and struggling communities everywhere.

Since the last thing we want to do is grow into a nasty dysfunctional Big Body of our own, we urge those who want start SAP groups to follow the immune system model or Wilbert "Goretex" Gore's lattice organization paradigm.

Immune cells network together ad hoc teams with different talents to attack a common enemy. They communicate and coordinate furiously but never formally coalesce. As you can see from the array of suggested tactics above, the majority can be accomplished most effectively with very small informal groups.

Gore's lattice orgs create more enduring structures, but they also remain small, fluid and without internal hierarchy. In this model, anyone can become a leader if others like his/her project ideas and style of leadership and everyone's compensation is decided with the consensus of the group. Equally important when a group grows too large--over 200 usually or 300 max--it breaks in half like a bee swarm and re-forms as two new orgs. The model has proved insanely successful as a business design and its implications for activism should also be quite clear.

In addition to Gore's shining example, there is in fact a lot of research and history to show that groups function best up to a maximum of 150 or so, and after that their creativity, freedom and happiness begin to decline.

For more on this inspiring paradigm, see:

The easiest way to spread SAP memes and visions is to simply introduce them to your own existing activist networks and groups. If your friends and colleagues are serious about their missions, a significant number should recognize that fighting corporate harms one by one is both inefficient and exhausting and that a coordinated assault on baleful Bigness in general may be the way to go.

If you do want to start new groups, however, there are now many internet-assisted technologies that make fresh start-ups quite easy and fun to create.

For gathering new face-to-face groups there is of course the now nearly classical

For gathering online collaborators, and offer nifty services.

And those with web skills and DIY inclinations may want to try their hand with new tools from and

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Join or start a SAP cell in your community. We need all your diversity, passion and bizarre talents to cure the ills of Big Body rule.


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Thanks to IMC, Project Censored and many other fierce truth movements the corporate media matrix is exposed as never before.


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