Belittle Big Bodies, Eroticize Politics,
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Using POTUS Politics to Heal a Bloodied World

Third parties are like bees. Once they have stung, they die.” -- Richard Hofstadter

Introducing SAP

The first fair question is why bother? Why in hell even pretend another party into existence when earnest intelligent efforts like the Greens, Libertarians, Natural Law folks, etc. still haven't had a lick of luck?

The short answer is that they are all looking for power in a system that has already started to die.

The longer response is that Big Body-dominated politics today are rushing the whole damn world toward a cliff and no other party is presenting a credible evolutionary strategy to either smite our huge assailants or rescue us in time.

That is, nobody is proposing the actual steps necessary to bring these beasts under control, reclaim our freedoms and protect our kids or Earth. That's why we need another very loud voice in the global conversation. And we do in fact bring ideas sufficient to this crisis and that's why SAP exists.

If our memes are as contagious and transformative as we think, all we shall need is a stiff attention breeze to spread them around and pollinate the activist world internationally. Our target is thus this Magic 10%, whom we plan to awaken with odd surprises and a lot of happy noise. Hence the campaign movie conceit and indie media offensive we propose.

About the Film

"Don't worry about someone stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good,
you'll have to ram them down people's throats.
" -- Howard Aiken

Wladislav K - the Guy who Cried "Grex!"

A filmic campaign for US president and a moment
of estral attention to globalize some crafty memes.

Educationally, the film immediately spotlights the malignant nature and energies of huge corporate bodies showing how they fuse and miscarry and how they can be melted down.

Politically, it will cover the recruitment of a shadow cabinet and even shadier allies abroad; court the 99% Occupation-Green-Libertarian vote, and play off the endless corporate outrages in the news.

Evolutionarily, it will try to introduce millions to the secrets of attention and the power it offers to enrich our sensuality, accelerate healing, and reclaim human control of the world;

Sensuously, it will re-expose the hidden bridges between nature, music, eroticism and epiphany and reconnect us to the most delicious energies of life.

Spiritually, it will revive covenwork and ancient conspiracy tech to enchant groups, empower communities, intensify compassion and awaken a spirit of the Earth.

Prophetically, it will try to non-hysterically point out that if we don’t pull off a previously unimaginable revolution in the next few years, fast approaching economic, ecological and military tech tipping points will condemn us to a world of hurt.

Financially, it will hopefully attract enough support to pay for itself and gratify sponsors with a little left over to build a strange new shrine to the "body electric" - i.e., a fresh SAP education paradigm and a weary Wlad's retirement lab ;-)


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Join or start a SAP cell in your community. We need all your diversity, passion and bizarre talents to cure the ills of Big Body rule.


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