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A Biomimicry Path to Freedom and Re-evolution

Biomimicry is a new field of study based on the simple recognition that we can learn a lot -- technically, medically, even politically -- from structures and behaviors evolved by other forms of life over the last few billion years.

There are already many examples, for instance, burrs gave us Velcro; kingfishers, faster trains; and termite mounds, better air conditioning. Now the tiny ubiquitous slime mold offers to show us an inspiring escape route from corporate servitude and Big Body rule.

Parable of the Grex
A grex is a voluntary collection of individual slime mold amoebas who swarm together for deliverance from hunger or hardship. Each grex is started by a so-called founder cell who senses the peril early and rallies others with invitation signals spelled out in cyclic AMP. Hundreds of thousands of individuals may respond to this message and climb on the bandwagon until their bodies form a huge phallic tower.  Once aggregated, the grex collective develops a mind of its own and migrates gracefully toward safety as a single serpentine entity.

Free discy amoebas

Gathering for migration Forming a grex Grex arising

The grex’s executive leadership cells help guide its exodus to greener pastures, but then step down from power. When the grex body arrives at a pleasing prospect, the execs form their own bodies into a stalk and launch module for their underlings who turn into spores and ride the winds to freedom.

Grex fruition

This moment of corporate culmination is called fruition and is one of the greatest examples of executive altruism that we know. The grex suits wave their airborne charges goodbye and stay back at base camp savoring their heydays at the helm and writing nostalgic memoirs.

If you have seen Ki and the Powers of Japan or other slime mold videos, the grex likeness to corporate superorganisms should be pretty clear. Humans also swarm together in corporate bodies for protection and deliverance and forsake many freedoms just to get inside. The big difference is that corporate suits grow so fond of control they keep redefining the mission and never let their people go. Their sole goal becomes their own growth by any means possible and that is what we call cancer in the living world.

If you look at corporatization as a means to an end and not an end in itself, you may see how evolution has miscarried here and how corporate bodies grew so vast, turned malignant, and seized power.

Once we recognize this, we also see that countless eco-social ills can all be healed at once simply by slashing corporate scale.

Luckily we have a broad array of tools to start this meltdown on our own. From localized banking, buying and eating to boycotts, law suits, legislation and state-by-state revision of corporate codes, there are plenty of convergent tactics we can immediately exploit to return these monstrous systems to human scale and democratic control.

The other good news is that many corporate insiders themselves are growing sick of endless oversight, orders and obedience, and are increasingly anxious to grow up and set out on their own.

The Sacred Animals Party embraces this restless minority and offers it psychosomatic tools to hasten fruition and escape to a new way of life.

Consider SAP a virtual anti-grex of deliverance from corporate dystopia, but instead of using cyclic AMP to rally our troupe we call out to them with memetic ABCs.

Try joining our fold (just briefly) and we promise to advance you swiftly over tricky ground, lead you home and set you free.



Short Riffs - from Indiana U
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A cinematic mash-up illustrating the secrets of attention and corporate grex pathology

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German version with stunning photography and nightmare conclusion


Slime Mold Waltz
(just for the sheer beauty of it)





Biomimicry 3.8

Courtesy of the Biomimicry Institute

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