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SAP Shadow Cabinetry

This film, Wlad's campaign and the SAP conceit in general aim to end Big Body dominion, redeem human sovereignty and radically decentralize power. In other words, we target the orderly withering of the state (and its ruling corporate bodies) that Marx, Gandhi and Jefferson all dreamed about but didn’t quite know how to achieve.

These are all formidable goals, but the steepest challenge facing America's dark horse candidates is the public's inability to imagine an outsider's administration or how it could ever get anything done.

SInce SAP proposes leadership without bribes, fear or violence and a long forgotten vision of populist democracy, we're often asked how we hope to govern without huge orgs behind us or even cruder forms of force. We can't bare all our secrets this early in the film, but we can tell you a bit about Shadow Cabinetry, Green T and how this all will work.


Beyond Caligari's Corporate Cabinets
If we are going to pretend people sovereign again, they will need and deserve the best counsel for their decisions and, yes indeed, a trusted cabinet. Since it is famously easy to lead folks to places they already want to go—destinations like freedom, peace, and rapture, even a shadow cabinet that can get them there could wield enormous power.

Consider SAP's imaginal cabinet members below and the synergistic power of their ideas. All answer majoritarian desires according to polls, but all are feared or loathed by the corporate elite and deftly excised from the so-called national conversation, especially its electoral debates.


The Green T Prescription
If the highest purpose of a government is to empower and protect its people, SAP can offer far better ways and means than the current coin-operated crew. We just have to pass along the Truth, Tools and Testosterone people need to dissolve monstrous systems, reclaim their rights, and set their kids, communities and planet free.

Truth reveals our history and the lessons of battles lost. Tools include fresh tactics and strategems, including fierce new memes. And Big T or testosterone is simply shorthand for a body politic's courage levels, lust for life and evolutionary vitality.

Such are the secret ingredients of SAP's Green T as a political elixer and eco-social remedy. SAP plans to jolt the zeitgeist and electoral charade with Green T powers this year and we need little more than a twitter feed and a youtube channel to start releasing these ideas and get the treatment underway.

Shadow Cabinet Design
Since decentralization and diversity are such crucial campaign themes, Wlad's administration will set the first example by distributing its own internal powers and presenting its policy briefings directly to the sovereign people on line

All cabinet departments will thus be led by a troika of secretaries, two selected by the chief exec and the third picked by the initial two. (So instead of a Secretary, Undersecretary, and Deputy Secretary of Labor, we shall have three coequal secretaries each with an equal voice, vote and salary.)

Their chief responsibility is to inform the people of issues deserving their immediate attention and to offer DIY courses of action that strengthen our freedoms, security and well-being.

SAP Briefings: Coming soon...
Each department troika will thus hold at least one biweekly online briefing that introduces the biggest crises and opportunities the nation faces in their respective fields and presents their suggestions for how we should proceed.  

Briefings may include invited guests and other A/V material or simply three-way discussions that address urgent issues and citizen questions from the web.

Their goal is to spotlight the core problems we face in all areas of governance today and generate practical post-corporate solutions that citizens themselves can kickstart on their own.



Sample imaginal cabinet briefing for a sovereign people in distress
with sage participants all calling it in from home...

 Sample SAP Cabinet Briefing - Media Rehab Dept.

All briefing sessions, transcripts and suggested resources will be archived online...



(Voices and views deserving far more heed
than appointees arising from our corporate electoral charade.)


  1. Noam Chomsky ¤
  2. Barbara Lee §
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Howie Hawkins ¤
  2. Van Jones ¤
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Hazel Henderson ¤
  2. David Korten ¤
  3. (to be selected by the two above)


Health & Human Services

  1. Marian Wright Edelman §
  2. Sandra Steingraber ¤
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Lawrence Wilkerson §
  2. Jody Williams §
  3. (to be selected by the two above)


Housing & Urban Development

  1. Catherine Austin Fitts ¤
  2. William A. McDonough §
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. David Cobb ¤
  2. Ralph Nader ¤
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Paul Hawken ¤
  2. Rob McCulloch §
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. §
  2. Terry Tempest Williams §
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Bill McKibben ¤
    Edmund Storms §
  2. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Ronnie Cummins ¤
  2. Frances Moore Lappé ¤
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Fritjof Capra ¤
  2. Sir Ken Robinson §
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Kevin Danaher ¤
  2. Denise Hamler ¤
  3. (to be selected by the two above)


Veterans Affairs

  1. Stan Goff ¤
  2. Mary Ann Wright ¤
  3. (to be selected by the two above)



  1. Charlotte Dennett ¤
  2. Bunny Greenhouse §
  3. (to be selected by the two above)


Homeland Security

  1. Daniel Ellsberg ¤
  2. Colleen Rowley ¤
  3. (to be selected by the two above)


¤ Personally known and trusted

§ Admired from afar




to visualize and restore human sovereignty and eco-social sanity



 Council of Natural Rights & Reconciliation

13 Grandmothers ¤
Dennis Banks ¤
Tom Goldtooth ¤
Oren Lyons §
John Trudell §
Mati Waiya ¤
Council Laureate & Scrivener: Gary Snyder
Postmortem Pole Stars: Floyd Westerman, Chief Seattle, Geronimo



Council of Economic Advisors

Brooksley Born §
Ellen Brown ¤
James K. Galbraith §
Ron Paul §
Paul Craig Roberts ¤
Michael Shuman ¤
Joseph Stiglitz §
Lynn Twist ¤
Council Laureate & Scrivener: Matt Taibbi
Postmortem Pole Stars: John Kenneth Galbraith, E.F. Schumacher

National Security Council

Larry Brilliant §
Lester Brown ¤
Mike Ferner ¤
Karen Kwiatkowski §
Ray McGovern ¤
David MacMichael §
Coleen Rowley ¤
John Stockwell §
Barbara Trent ¤
Council Laureate & Scrivener: Seymour Hersch
Foreign Consultants: Desmond Tutu, Ai Weiwei, Mikhail Gorbachev
Postmortem Pole Stars: Chalmers Johnson, Smedley Darlington Butler

Land, Water & Agricultural Renewal Council

Kenny Ausubel ¤
Maude Barlow §
Brock Dolman ¤
Wenonah Hauter §
Randy Hayes ¤
Mitch Lansky ¤
Willie Nelson ¤
Florence Reed §
Council Laureate & Scrivener: Derrick Jensen
Foreign Consultants: Vandana Shiva ¤
Postmortem Pole Stars: David Brower, Ernest Callenbach

Corporate Democratization & Fruition Council

Gar Alperovitz ¤
Kevin Danaher ¤
Marjorie Kelly ¤
Fran Korten ¤
Bill Moyers §
Virginia Rasmussen ¤
Douglas Rushkoff §
Council Laureate & Scrivener: Thom Hartmann ¤
Foreign Consultants: Shann Turnbull ¤, John McMurtry ¤
Postmortem Pole Stars: Doris “Granny D” Haddock, Richard Grossman

Historical Rectification Council

Ed Asner ¤
Lorie van Auken ¤
James Bamford §
Kristina Borjesson ¤
Sibel Edmonds ¤
Bruce Fein §
David Ray Griffin ¤
Charles Key ¤
Cynthia McKinney ¤
Council Laureate & Scrivener: Janice Matthews
Foreign Consultants: Annie Machon, William Pepper
Postmortem Pole Stars: Robert Stinnett, Hunter Thompson, George Orwell


Journalism Revivification Council

John Battelle §
Sandy Close
Bill Densmore ¤
Amy Goodman
Mickey Huff ¤
David Mathison

Council Laureate & Scrivener:
Foreign Consultants:
Postmortem Pole Stars:

Tech & Science Humanization Council

John Perry Barlow ¤
Bruce Gagnon ¤
Joi Ito ¤
Bill Joy §
Joanna Macy ¤
Lynn Margolis ¤
Langdon Winner ¤
Council Laureate & Scrivener: Jerry Mander
Foreign Consultants: Mae-Wan Ho, Claude Alvares
Postmortem Pole Stars: Pierre Teilhard du Chardin, Thomas Berry,

(to be selected by the two above)
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