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Ridding the World of Megacorps
Reviving Intuitions of God
Sacred Animals Party Campaign Arsenal

A suite of immuno-activist campaigns & projects to reassert human control of our countries, cultures and consciousness; rid the world of corporate cancer; and re-enchant our lives

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2012-04-03 Administrator The Issues Kubiak starts about 6 min in and runs for about 15 minutes, but the two beginning folks are also worthwhile.

Slamming Big Bods on CSPAN Alternative Candidates Debate

In 2000, Wlad repatriated from Japan and won the New Hampshire Democratic VP Primary on an anti-megacorps platform...

2012-04-05 Administrator The Issues A Brief Intro to the Powers of Attention (For the full monty click here.)

Paying Attention to Attention (ki) is the Key to Re-evolution

Attention, or what the Japanese call social ki, is our greatest evolutionary energy and the key to understanding s...

2012-04-10 Administrator The Issues   Recognizing and Resisting a Low T Corporate Culture

Anthroculture: Conditioning Us for Terminal Incorporation

Big corporate bodies don't just crave profits and resources. They need a constant supply of small subservient memb...

2012-04-02 Administrator The Issues   Understandingthe Corporate Takeover Existentially  

Diagnosing Corporate Cancers - Hint: Learn to see 'em first

Though big corporate bodies undeniably run our body politic and consume us and our planet as heedlessly as tumors ...

Apr 06

Wlad wins the Name Game & indicts the Corporate Coup

WDK - Toronto interview

Wladislav, we discover, literally means "rule with glory" which may in fact not be that hard if the glory in question is yours. David means beloved and is obviously the favored tag and Kubiak means scion of Jacob, the Supplanter, one cunning enough to best a ferocious foe. The biblical Jacob's dismal ethics notwithstanding, Wladislav plans to use these gifts to supplant corporate America with a populist revival and radically shrink Big Bodies' size and power in our lives.

The first step is to give you a taste of that glory and the keys to unleash it on your own. That will reconnect at least 10% of you to each other as well as the planet and dramatize the corporate threat to both. We will try to introduce that here and then the rest is up to you.

Restoration of our sovereignty and sensual majesty are the main goals of this campaign and the more glory you feel the faster it will go   Then like conspiring medieval craftsmen, you may start hungering for "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" again and seeing big-time authority as dispensable across the board.





Paths to a Populist Countercoup

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SAP in a Nutshell
for the urgent, busy & ADD-accelerated

The Challenge
1) The fabled forces of truth, justice and the American way are getting eviscerated now. Given the eco-social tipping points awaiting us, we now face our last hurrah.

2) Huge corporate bodiescommercial, financial, military, etc—have hijacked our governance and now are raping the Earth.

3) We can't beat them with the thinking that got us here or single issue activism that targets symptoms, not their cause.

The Response
Our film/campaign has a single mission,
arm 10% of you with 3 incendiary ideas:

The first can boost your love life, health
and political impact; the 2nd shows how
to defeat corporate power; and the 3rd
leads to rapture & earth consciousness.

Individually they can alter your thinking
together they can transform the world
belittling Big powers & amplifying ours.

We thus propose a virtual shadow government to sow these memes in the zeitgeist and political surround. If you are among the 10% we're looking for, please hang out, look around and find something subversive to do.

Hear Wlad rant

Green T

Kubiak's been howling for years to expose the truth of our history and corporate threats to life.


Healing the


Join or start a SAP cell in your community. We need all your diversity, passion and bizarre talents to cure the ills of Big Body rule.


Breaking Real


Thanks to IMC, Project Censored and many other fierce truth movements the corporate media matrix is exposed as never before.


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