Belittle Big Bodies, Eroticize Politics,
Re-enchant the World



"Beware when the great God lets loose new thoughts upon the planet.
Then all things are at risk..." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you for your generous donations of any size. Your contributions will help open an entirely new front in humanity's long war against corporate domination both at home and globally, a war in which, you've no doubt noticed, we're getting totally hammered now.

As we trust our Organizing Principles and this old rant against self-serving Big Activism Bodies make clear, SAP is not designed to evolve into a Big outfit itself and our overhead is very low.. We do, however, need immediate bread for saturation meme dispersal, including savvy graphic work, shadow cabinet construction and of course Wlad's "presidential campaign" film.

General funds we receive will support the film and the creation of a SAP shadow gov in exile on the web as well as parallel campaigns in Japan and India where symptoms differ dramatically but all ultimately suffer from identically monstrous corporate power.

You may also specify particular tactics or projects to support selecting from the list below or suggesting efforts of your own. Please indicate in the message with your Paypal contribution (or on your check's Memo line) how you would like your money used if you have a preferred focus in mind.

In addition to our film expenses which should not exceed five figures, we would like to launch other synergistic projects for which we need support. For example:

  • Viral Media Creation to light up the web with seditious memes
  • Turning "Ki & the Powers of Japan" into a far more professional and easier to follow film series
  • Sponsoring Ki Covenwork presentations at fairs and summer festivals
  • Publishing cheap and beautiful children's books on attentional ki, Big Bodies and Gaian conspiracies
  • Creating high school & college contests for Ki awareness and Big Body belittlement projects
  • Subsidizing Shadow Cabinet members briefing prep and telecom expenses
  • or insert your idea here...

Whatever you choose, we promise to never waste any of your money feeding the enemy (i.e., on corporate media). If we ever do resort to paid ads it will all be with indie media, skywriters, local rags and other feisty little guys.

Contribution Information
Since our campaign is largely a guerrilla media offensive now and far from FEC legitimacy, you may contribute as much as you wish as often as you wish almost like we were a Super-pac. ;-)

Big Medicine, our non-profit sponsor, is tiny hardscrabble "private foundation" and cannot grant tax exemptions at this time. We do have warm relations with several 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsors however, and individuals wishing to make tax exempt donations are invited to contact us for guidance and introductions.

If you would rather send a paper check,
please make it out and send it to:
Big Medicine
PO Box 13
Kennebunkport, ME, USA 04046
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Join or start a SAP cell in your community. We need all your diversity, passion and bizarre talents to cure the ills of Big Body rule.


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Thanks to IMC, Project Censored and many other fierce truth movements the corporate media matrix is exposed as never before.


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