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Wlad wins the Name Game & indicts the Corporate Coup

WDK - Toronto interview

Wladislav, we discover, literally means "rule with glory" which may in fact not be that hard if the glory in question is yours. David means beloved and is obviously the favored tag and Kubiak means scion of Jacob, the Supplanter, one cunning enough to best a ferocious foe. The biblical Jacob's dismal ethics notwithstanding, Wladislav plans to use these gifts to supplant corporate America with a populist revival and radically shrink Big Bodies' size and power in our lives.

The first step is to give you a taste of that glory and the keys to unleash it on your own. That will reconnect at least 10% of you to each other as well as the planet and dramatize the corporate threat to both. We will try to introduce that here and then the rest is up to you.

Restoration of our sovereignty and sensual majesty are the main goals of this campaign and the more glory you feel the faster it will go   Then like conspiring medieval craftsmen, you may start hungering for "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" again and seeing big-time authority as dispensable across the board.





Paths to a Populist Countercoup

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Healing the


Join or start a SAP cell in your community. We need all your diversity, passion and bizarre talents to cure the ills of Big Body rule.


Breaking Real


Thanks to IMC, Project Censored and many other fierce truth movements the corporate media matrix is exposed as never before.


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