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Anthroculture: Conditioning Us for Terminal Incorporation

Chicago anti-corporism workshop

Big corporate bodies don't just crave profits and resources. They need a constant supply of small subservient members pouring their life energy into them. 

Hive insects neuter their workers and arrest their development with pheromones and hormones. Corporate society does it with cortisol and anti-androgens, i.e., stress, fat and/or fear. Industrial environmental hormones now also help suppress male maturation and in highly corporatized cultures like Japan where male interest in sex, sperm counts and birth rates are all plummeting, the emasculation/juvenalization trend is clear.




Recognizing and Resisting a Low T Corporate Culture

See also "Educating for Corporatism" and "Rationalizing Incorporation" below.

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Healing the


Join or start a SAP cell in your community. We need all your diversity, passion and bizarre talents to cure the ills of Big Body rule.


Breaking Real


Thanks to IMC, Project Censored and many other fierce truth movements the corporate media matrix is exposed as never before.


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