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Paying Attention to Attention (ki) is the Key to Re-evolution

Chicago anti-corporism workshop

Attention, or what the Japanese call social ki, is our greatest evolutionary energy and the key to understanding sex, healing and corporate body building (as well as their potential demise).

Once people remember that attention or ki determines all the content of our consciousness, our memories and ultimately our life and identity, we may start to husband it as carefully as our money or our toys.

When we also realize that it is the energetic key to ecstacy, healing and creativity, we may be less likely to squander it on symbols, celebrities and meaningless trash. 

All big orgs vacuum up this precious resource to animate their bodies and feed their growth. Corporations use enticements and deception, governments and churches use cheaper but more effective insecurity and fear. Withdrawing our ki from all their threats and  seductions will starve these parasites of energy and gradually shrink them back to human scale.

We don't just need a political revolution, we need to find a new way to grasp and grow the magic of our lives. That's what this "campaign" intends. That's what understanding ki can lead you to.



A Brief Intro to the Powers of Attention

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