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"I believe in conspiracies - good and bad. Good ones like populist covenworks can lead us to epiphanies. Bad ones like military-industrial cabals can, have and will continue to drag us into endless war. Populist DIY conspiracies bubble with hope for our future. Big Body conspiracies have drenched our past in blood." --  WDK

Neither this nor any other page of arguments will convince many of you that things are not what they seem or are officially declared. That's fine or OK or at least survivable. We are concerned here with the rest of you who have noticed deceit and injustice prevail in some case(s) you really cared about; and you aren't able to forget it and are still quite pissed off.

(Even others must admit though that it's hard to hold your head up as a nation when 80% of your people—and a goddamn congressional inquiry—believe JFK was murdered by a conspiracy and yet no one does a thing. Ditto other naked cover-ups like Memphis, Waco, Oklahoma City and the USS Liberty, not to mention the stupefyingly disgraceful national silence after World Trade Center 7's fall.)

The following introduce some of Wladislav's greatest grievances that have resisted investigation far too long. It's time to flood these crimes with fresh attention and a hot bath of Green T (in the Truth and Testosterone sense).

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory



The 9/11 Key to Political Transformation
-- A belated strategic initiative to turn the world around
by W. David Kubiak March 3, 2005  


Other WDK labors for 9/11 Truth



Waco: The Rules of Engagement

Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, by David Hoffman
Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building by Charles Key

Crimes of the century: MLK assassination

William Pepper on MLK Assassination

Robert Kennedy Assassination

Read new article here.

The Panama Deception

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