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Vandana on Big Predations in India & Beyond

SAP Heroines: Vandana Shiva

Beginning with fierce and often successful battles against corporate pillage in her native India, Vandana has become a global voice for post-corporate sanity. Here is a brief overview of her exquisitely accurate insights.

If her words make any sense to you, you're probably in the Magic 10% and could spend a lot more useful time with the fierce lady here.

Arundhati on Big Takings in India

SAP Heroines: Arundhati Roy

For the last decade, Arundhati Roy has been a relentless eloquent scourge of baleful Bigness in India - big corporate power vs. the peoples of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, big "development" vs. the people along the Narmada river, big power politics vs. the people of Kashmir.

Capitalism - A Ghost Story

See more of her illuminating insights here.

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