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SAP's Choice: Corporate vs Human Evolution

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but think of all the millennia it took to get here...

 Are we here to render our race obsolete or energize its re-creation?
Should we strive toward a corporate singularity or our own sensuous spiritualization?

Big Body-builders are busy outsourcing our jobs, jails, entertainments and erections, and are now working on our evolutionary fate. The clips below briefly introduce the state of their art and some advances of our own.

Both offer very different futures and states of being for our kids. One concentrates power in ever larger hands, and makes us more dependent for our health, joys and survival. The other shows mysterious delights and paths to the "superhuman" may lie within us instead thanks to our miraculous diversity. One will help us "progress" if we embrace their authority, pay their bills and obey their rules. The other offers us direct access to the most creative seeds of life.  Both are fascinating to contemplate and given the stakes, we certainly hope you do.

Evolution with Big Money

Evolution from the Heart


Search "robot" or "prodigy" on youtube for a hundred more examples.

Postscript for the Prurient

If you're resigned to the corporate course, but feel it might be lonely, Japan, our most corporatized culture, thinks a lot about that, too, and soon will have you covered.

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