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Anthroculture 101: Conditioning for Incorporation


Unlike free societies, huge organizations depend on reflexive obedience to orders and authority, and thus rationally suppress independent thought. dissent and the ability to say, "No!"

Citizens entering corporate membranes must therefore willingly foresake all their Bill of Rights protections and embrace the status of children with no right to privacy, autonomy or a say in decisions affecting their lives.

New dimensions in milking pods

In this arrested state of being, all their attention, vitality and creative potential are pumped away to animate the corporate entity and perpetuate its growth. Many kids might naturally reject this Matrix-like future of existential suction, so Big Body über alles regimes tend to intervene "educationally" wherever they can to boost the number of recruits.

Anthroculture is therefore the rational preparation of young minds and bodies not for liberty, individuality or adulthood, but for terminal incorporation and a child-like way of life. Such conditioning also admittedly boosts consumption, conformity and political passivity, which many corporate-minded folks no doubt find just fine. SAP, however, adamantly opposes it for six basic reasons:

  1. Anthroculture does not feminize males, it juvenilizes them so they are less able to stand up for themselves, their families or their communities, let alone the planet, and thus are much easier to frighten and push around;

  2. It aborts men's desire to individuate, claim creative control of their lives and appreciate or defend the blessings of diversity;

  3. It makes males especially more self-conscious, insecure and willing to lose themselves in powerful bodies that give them a larger identity, but hierarchically rule their lives with greed, violence or fear;

  4. It emasculates victims' lust for truth and beauty as well as their passion for justice, eco-sanity or human rights (cf, Wharton grad students mocking Occupiers) and gradually can just neuter them period;

  5. It diverts an huge torrent of creative attention and evolutionary energy into malignant corporate growth and away from the needs of humanity and the web of life;

  6. It shuts down interest in and exploration of our erotic capacities as paths back to Earth consciousness and the immanent divine.



Anthroculture [an-thruh-kuhl-cher] from Gk. anthropos "man, human being" and L. cultūra "a cultivating, agriculture" - noun, a) human animal husbandry; b) historically, the steady selective pressure against insubordinate genes and personalities in hierarchic cultures via castration, execution or exile; c) currently, the training and developmental retardation of school age children (primarily males) for life-long incorporation. (See also induced encephalization.); verb (trans.) to render humans more docile and compliant to authority by incapacitating their sexual and developmental hormones; verb (intrans.) anthrocultured, past participle, showing the effects of anthroculture in one's sex life, pursuits or politics.

embraces all techniques of psychosomatic emasculation to lower men's cockiness, enhance their compliance, and kill their thirst for adult respect and the same rights as their "superiors."

Anthroculture helps prepare youth for lifelong subordination (a happy child role in corporate "family" mythology) and includes a wide range of arts and sciences to block or disable testosterone and arrest male maturation.

The basic objective is to indefinitely forestall the troublesome onset of full adulthood and its attendant demands for liberté, égalité, fraternité and other democratic rights.

Maturation leads to individuation and a desire for mastery, to be one's own man. Entire males thus develop inconvenient hungers - not only for sensual delight, but for free expression, meaningful work and personal privacy as well.

Historically, unruly male passions for freedom, individuality and dignity have been controlled in many ways ranging from gelding and torture to chronic fear and stress. Earlier keeping men "lads" was a matter of enforcing servile fealty to some despot or slave master. Now it is simply a prerequisite for corporate growth and efficiency.

male organ vs economic growth

The USA is now 98th in the world in penile stature, but we must always remember
that testosterone suppression affects male behavior long before

it impacts male anatomy. Read full study here.


George Carlin on the Process and Desired Final Product


A Libertarian Take on Human Farming

The "Story of your Enslavement" is a popular Youtube rant against the parasitic power of the State that presents an engaging history of human subordination and exploitation. Unfortunately it suffers from selective blindness and ignores the psychosomatic and existential harms inflicted by other huge hierarchical bodies like megacorps, megareligions, etc.


Courtesy of



Japanese Excellence in Anthroculture: Case study in unintended consequences

Japan is the most corporatized nation on the planet (perhaps excepting Singapore), and her post-war males are more meticulously anthrocultured than any other nation on earth.*

*Note: Japan is a nation of 120 million. Even if our insights are 80% accurate that leaves millions of exceptions to the rule (like these guys), but they do not disprove the trend. See also Ki and the Powers of Japan.

Despite the undeniable economic utility of child-like men, they make very flacid citizens, unable or unwilling to stand up for their own rights, let alone those of anyone else. This largely removes them from the arenas of activism, protest and civil disobedience, which is why Japanese civil society is now overwhelmingly powered by mothers and girls.

Symptoms of Japanese men's arreseted development range from a lifelong love of toys, fashion and comic books to a cratering birhrate and an anxious aversion to confrontations with authority or dissent.

Long called caponized "broilers" by their professers, Japanese college boys are now also called "soshoku kei danshi" (草食系男子 - herbivorous boys) by the girls, because "they are so uninterested in flesh." The videographer below doesn't understand anything about endocrinology or hormonal politics and tries to give emasculation a positive spin. However, if you read through the links at the end of the page and think about it a bit, I believe a good number of you can see the trouble they are in.

The Unmanning of Japan



 Other Recent Media References:

Young Japanese 'decline to fall in love' BBC Video

Japanese teens not interested in sex - CNN

   "Little wonder the country's birth rate is plummeting...  A survey conducted by O-net revealed further evidence of the growing prevalence of Japanese herbivorous men -- or soushokukei-danshi -- who are not only shy when it comes to seducing women, but have little or no interest in them.

"According to the survey of 800 people who turned 20 years old this year, 83.7 percent of Japanese males said they were not dating anyone, while 49.3 percent said they had never had any girlfriends. 

"More surprising was the news that in a separate survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare published by the Japan Family Planning Association that 36.1 percent of Japanese males, aged 16 to 19, had no interest in sex whatsoever..." Full article here.


The Boom in Boy Bras


Relevant Asides on Testosterone & Stress

A Summary of 'The Trouble with Testosterone' by Robert Sapolsky

Stress and Erectile Dysfunction


Emotional Changes on Testosterone




Better Gelding through Chemistry

Besides education authorities' semi-conscious endocrine engineering, anthroculture coincidentally benefits from modern corporate contamination of the biosphere, especially environmental hormones and estrogenic GM soy.

For viewers, here's a powerful intro from the BBC:

The Disappearing Male


 Pop Culture Postscript

Nat Geo's Vanilla Take on Big T
Notice, however, the substantially lower T scores of the white collar fraternity.
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