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Sacred Animality

Here we would like to address all of your being living beneath cranial headquarters, especially the parts who feel the exalted executive grey matter upstairs is entirely too arrogant, greedy and easily misled and has been fucking up your world for far too long.

Sacred animals are not anti-intellectual, we just feel the cerebral cortex takes a lot more swag and credit than it deserves and if the rest of the body had an equal say we'd spend a lot less time stressing, shopping, poisoning ourselves, killing the planet or going to war.

Our bodies offer most of the joys of being alive and historically possess most of our skills, yet the brain and its face get the lion's share of respect leaving the rest of our cellular communities voiceless and ignored.

Sensuality without Borders

As visual interludes here suggest, Sacred Animality is not confined to homo sapiens. It embraces the entire spectacularly improbable web of life. But while other species live its magic moment to moment, modernized humanity has been engulfed by the corporate matrix and now is being numbed, milked and parasitized to feed its deadly growth.

Since it is humanity that allowed this plague to emerge, we focus on the human animal here since it is we who must end it to protect ourselves and the rest of life on earth.

Admittedly we don't have the obscene wealth, lawyers or media power of the corporate giants, but we do have ancient allies in the survival instinct and pleasure principle.

The many who are now awakening and the few who never slept revel in more important things than money, fame, domination and the other current drivers of our god-forsaken politics. We're enchanted, for example, with all forms of wonder, joy and rapture, seeing they light the way back to our true nature and destiny much more clearly than the fraudulent maps we've been sold.


Invertabrate Appasionata

(See the whole wonderful Microcosmos opera here.)





Sacred Animal: in the human realm, an eco-libertarian personality with immunocyte wisdom and a protective erotic love of the Earth.


Sacred Animals believe very little.

We prefer to sense and know things for ourselves than follow credos from outside. Exceptions: Many if not most of us, however, do believe a couple impalpable things: 1) if we are indeed interviewed after we die, there are only two legitimage questions: "What was happening to life on Earth during your time down there?" and "What did you do about it?" and 2) our senses, heart and animal nature may be able to guide us all back to health and freedom faster than the coin-operated ideologues now running the show.

Sacred Animals feel a magical kinship with the world.

For example, we sense that creatures one ten trillionth the size of their galaxy and ten trillion times larger than their constituent bits must be pretty damn special creations and capable of phenomenal feats. We also see the fact we can perceive breathtaking beauty in so many different realms—from Hubble starscapes and mountain majesty to miniscule snowflakes and plankton designmeans we  are meant to be here and feel both deeply blessed and highly responsible for all the ugliness going down.

Sacred Animals trust spiritual energy more than religious structures.

We feel the only valid role of religion is to deliver a direct experience of the the divine; and that divinity is far more accessible in Nature and the body than in dogma, creeds and hierarchic towers.

Sacred Animals trust energy in general more than religious structures.

We recognize that all the moments that make life worth living are preceded, accompanied and followed by rushes of inspiring energy, energy that connects us to our deepest nature, each other and creation as a whole. And since these energies arise in molecular and electrical waves from our psychosomatic biology, our bodies are the womb of our becoming and its compassionate sensuality is the midwife of the soul. Cf, Monty Python on the Meaning of Life.

Sacred Animals are proud but private creatures.

We demand radical transparency from those that rule in our name and the privacy due a sovereign for we the people who pay their bills.

Sacred Animals like their economics small and beautiful.

Kibbutz-scale communism, time bank socialism and Main Street capitalism – any paradigm is peachy as long as it is rooted locally, practiced democratically and strictly limited in size.

Equine Appasionata


LXD: League of Extraordinary Dancers

SAP Demographics

In desperate times, SAP appeals to bankrupt youth, burnt activists, worried mothers, and the many quite simply with nothing left to lose, not to mention those who feel that the spirit and sensuality should play a far larger role in public life.

SAP claims kinship with all those already in movement from the Indignados and Occupationistas to Japan's anti-nuke legions and India's anti-corporate tribes. In the US, SAP also welcomes Greens, Libertarians and small C christians who equally loathe corporate supremacy and fear that time is running out.

There are five major SAP pools just in the environmental field – anti-nuke moms, organic farmers, climate warriors, wilderness & water protectors, and biodiversity guardians.

There are also broad SAP reservoirs in the social justice arena visible whenever millions rally to oppose widening impoverishment, corruption and war.

And finally there is a deep SAP current running through truth movements seeking the facts behind traumatic turning points – from JFK, MLK and 9/11 to fiscal pillage, election fraud and war crimes.

All are aware of Big Body threats in their chosen fields and most see current countermeasures aren't working worth a damn.

Ashes and Snow


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Healing the


Join or start a SAP cell in your community. We need all your diversity, passion and bizarre talents to cure the ills of Big Body rule.


Breaking Real


Thanks to IMC, Project Censored and many other fierce truth movements the corporate media matrix is exposed as never before.


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