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SAP Meme B: "Big Bodies Suck!"

"Blessings on those who dare to revision the foundations of our common life. Strength, endurance, and quick-firing synapses to those bold minds, as they confront the Big Bodies now dominating our society and despoiling our planet. The work of insight and reconceptualization may seem lonely at times and abstract, but it benefits all beings, for it is essential to the Great Turning to a sustainable civilization." - Joanna Macy

Meme Prologue
All our meme intros should and will be prefaced with a reminder that memes are contagious how-to molecules of information. For example, they can tell you how-to play a game, practice a faith, pronounce a language, or in this case, perceive the dominant entity of our age. There are other memes for corporate beings that suggest you look at and understand them as "artificial persons", "legal fictions", "agglomerations of property", etc.

Personally we've never found this vagueness very useful for understanding what exactly you are facing when one of them swoops in and clearcuts a forest, plunders your economy or amputates a mountaintop. At the scenes of such crimes you get the distinct feeling that something very supra-personal, non-fictitious and highly animated has just trashed the neighborhood and while you may be able to identify its logo or read its name you still can't see (or stop) it very well.

Big Body - Minimal Definition
"Any large, bureaucratically or hierachically organized social body that persists in time, enjoys at least partial autonomy and economically supports a large number of functionaries, if not all its membership" - with "large" meaning a number too numerous for mutual acquaintance or direct face-to-face interaction - arbitrarily, say, 500+.)


Big Body Life Force Revelations
The Big Body meme, however, helps you see big organizations as true living systems with behaviors, instincts and agendas of their own. From 9 to 5 each workday, they function exactly like true superorganisms that are feeding, digesting, excreting (lots of excreting), learning, communicating, modifying their environment and evolving really fast.

This is hardly a new or outlandish idea. Royal Dutch Shell exec Arie de Geus' book The Living Company makes that precise case and was named "one of the Best Business Books of 1997 by Business Week, Financial Times, Management General, and Quality Digest." System science pioneer James Grier Miller explained the concept in great detail in his 1978 opus Living Systems and many other scientists and philosophers have presented similar thoughts on "social superorganisms" since the 19th century.

You can read about many aspects of the Big Body meme in an online manuscript called "Are Corporate Bodies Really Alive?– Learning to See Earth’s Dominant Species" as well as in the links below, but here we just want to suggest why you should bother.

"Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse.” - Sophocles

Big Bodies are alive, in charge and out of control
You have no doubt already noticed corporations dominate our governments, economies and popular culture; and we can no longer constrain them with traditional means now that they control our politicians, courts and media. For countless activists around the world this is, needless to say, discouraging as hell. As is our recent win-loss record against their depredations. Collectively - on our watch, mind you - they have bankrupted our nations, mass produced our wars, raped the wilderness and poisoned the planet. Collectively they are killing us and we can't just keep fighting them and their symptoms one by one.

Looking at mega-corporations as huge cancerous superorganisms, however, offers a fresh view of their natural history and new strategies to bring them to heel.

Most importantly, it helps you see:

  • their energy systems and physiology are all essentially the same
  • they can freely interbreed (eg, nuke makers with media, banks with manufacturers, Big Oil with Big Pharma)
  • they constitute a singular "species" of life with common traits and vulnerabilities.

All may have been cute, cuddly and even useful when they started, but as they grow monstrous, their initial pledges of social utility are forgotten and they start pursuing growth for its own sake. They thus begin to "merge", "diversify" and "conglomerate" and soon enter their cancerous phase.

Just as there are many types of tumor, GE, Walmart, Boeing, Monsanto, Microsoft, Citibank, ExxonMobil and Halliburton may show superficial differences in target territory and dietary preference, but their basic physiology is nearly identical and an intelligent immune attack that can reliably disable one would likely imperil them all.

Anthroculture: Making Small Members for Big Bodies
All Big Bodies feed heavily on their members' ki or attentional energies for their own development and growth. They must therefore forestall revolts among milked members who notice and resent this suction's toll on their own maturation, health and sexuality.  Historically, the easiest way to keep slaves, livestock and organizational underlings free of such adult concerns has been to disable the glands and molecules that allow them to grow up.

Ming China used the knife; modern Japan, repressive schools, soy and stress. Both techniques cut males down to docilely incorporable size; both have their pros & cons; and both are undeniable milestones in the evolution of anthroculture.  We are also advised to study this tech for both defensive and offensive reasons. Specifically, it can aid us in protecting our kids and helping the incorporated grow up may be a crucial tactic for melting Big Bods down.

Anthrocultural Indicators
Japan's Viagra, karoshi deaths & boy bra sales way up; dissent, sperm counts & birth rate, way down.

So that is what we're working on here, a broad spectrum antidote to corporate plagues and contagious ways to get our incorporated fellows looking into their mirrors, hearts and pants. If those goals also interest you we invite you to devote some time to our efforts below, especially the "'Belittle Big Bodies' Banzai" and the "Contract on Corporate America." Then meditate a bit on what our world might look, feel and function like if all huge bodies everywhere were returned to human scale.  

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