Belittle Big Bodies, Eroticize Politics,
Re-enchant the World


Paying Attention to Attention (ki) is the key to re-evolution

After sunlight, attention is the most important energy in life. Once we really understand it, our love life improves, our communities prosper and the corporate matrix starts to fade away...

De Riguer Intro

This begins a short course in attention theory and  practice that will illustrate three things, Attention is humanity's most precious tool and resource, and after sunlight the most fertile force on earth.

Attention can enlven us, heal and nurture fresh creation and eco-erotically focused can lead us to the divine

Attention is the binding energy of grexes, armies, churches and corporate superorganisms and learning to withdraw it can sap their strength away.


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Healing the


Join or start a SAP cell in your community. We need all your diversity, passion and bizarre talents to cure the ills of Big Body rule.


Breaking Real


Thanks to IMC, Project Censored and many other fierce truth movements the corporate media matrix is exposed as never before.


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