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SAP Meme A: "Attention Rules!"

Meme Prologue
All our meme intros should and will be prefaced with a reminder that memes are contagious how-to molecules of information. For example, they can tell you how to play a game, practice a faith, pronounce a verdict, or in this case, perceive the most important energy in our lives.

Subliminally, most humans know a lot more about attention than their conscious minds do, so many of you may navigate the material below sensing you've known this stuff all along, which indeed you probably have.

Here we simply try to put all those intuitions into a compelling new perspective that shows why and how attention offers a royal road to creativity, healing, sensual epiphanies, and the end of parasitic corporate life.

ki kanji 

"Attention Rules!"- History
Although our meme suggests how to look at attention in a whole new way for westerners, it largely comes from the Japanese who have been looking at attention for a very long time. They call it ki, however, and the concept has informed and enlivened Japan's traditional culture for centuries.

So the fastest way to introduce our meme and its surprising implications may be to consider what ancient Japan discovered, but then, alas, got "modernized" and pretty much forgot.

Ki video logo

For viewers we offer Ki & the Powers of Japan, an amateurish but comprehensive documentary that pretty much shows you all you need to know.

For readers, we have the Ki & the Powers of Japan documentary script and a short series of articles below that cover the same territory and will bring you up to speed as well.

Either approach will hopefully deliver you to the same conclusions, that ki or attention is:

  • Existentially Nourishing
  • Physically Healing
  • Socially Adhesive
  • and Deftly Wielded, an Incredibly Promising Antidote to Corporate Gaian Ills

So the goal of this whole exercise is to eventually awaken humanity to the enormous range of powers and possibilities that attention presents us with when we recognize its ultimate value and stop squandering it or letting corporate culture vacuum it all away.

Ki extraction - then and now

Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD has one (highly dubious) definition for people, but for societies it can also mean that things that really deserve attention and can benefit from it greatly—like children, our sensuous spiritual gifts and the environment—get short changed every day. SAP hopes to change all that and refocus a fresh flood of energy on targets that really matter and liberate our planet on the way.


Introductory Series on "Ki in the Body Politic"

      Originally published in Kyoto Journal; reprinted in the Melbourne Star, Sydney Morning Herald, Whole Earth Review, Adbusters, etc.

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